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Dance Fees & Tips - Earning and Splitting

An Experienced Attorney Can Help You Recover What You Earned

As a dancer in a topless, nude, or showgirl club, sometimes the money that is given to you by patrons, both as a tip and for a lap dance, under some circumstances, may not need to be shared with co-workers, staff, managers or club owners.  Often times when dancers are required to share this money, the requirement is illegal, and the dancer is entitled to recover the money shared.  Although it is a common practice in the industry to force dancer to share this money, often times this is contrary to the law.

In most cases, money given directly to you  is legally yours.

The Law is clear, if you are an independent contractor dancing at a club, the club owners and mangers cannot take money from you  earned from  pre-set fees that clients pay for off-stage lap dances. The  dance fees should be yours and we can help you recover what is owed.

Our law office has helped strippers and dancers file claims against topless and nude dance clubs for improperly collecting and distributing tips and lap dance fees. If you think you have a claim against your club involving the way cash and credit card tips are taken from you, contact us online.


Club owners/managers need to follow the law and let you keep what is legally yours. Find out what your rights are. You work hard for the money you earn - you deserve to keep the money you make. We can help you file an individual claim or join a class-action claim to help recover the money that is rightfully yours.


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We can answer your questions about the way you make money by dancing at a Gentlemen's club, cabaret, or topless bar. Your initial consultation will be free & confidential.  Call 818.225.9040.